When the Victorian state budget was released this week, it was confirmed that the bounty on foxes in Victoria will continue, at least for another year.

Snap Shots: Fox bounty to stay

Fox bounty to continue

Despite some speculation to the contrary, the release of the Victorian state budget this week has confirmed that the fox bounty will stay, at least for now. As reported in the Border Mail and on the TRFM website, $1 million has been allocated to continue the bounty for at least another year. That’s great news for farmers, hunters and the environment.

SSAA strikes back at RSPCA deceit

In Western Australia, the SSAA has hit back at the RSPCA over a newspaper advertisement that depicted a bloodied rabbit and stated the recreational hunting led to animals suffering a long, painful death.  Trouble is, the “rabbit” was actually an American hare and the “injuries” had been photoshopped into the picture. You can see the orginal photo alongside the RSPCA’s doctored version in this article from WA Today. In a related story from the ABC, farmers are claiming a victory over PETA after exposing the animal rights organisation for using a foam sheep with fake wounds in an advertisement condemning the wool industry.

SSAA needs help with public land hunting in WA

Speaking of SSAA in WA, the very same organisation is asking for your help to secure public land hunting in that state.  In this item on the SSAA WA website, you will find links and a form letter that make it easy to contact Minister for Environment, Albert Jacob. Please use it to express your support for the proposed trial of public land hunting in WA – it’ll only take you a few minutes to complete.

Camel cull brings relief in WA

A camel cull in the Goldfields region of Western Australia has brought relief to local pastoralists.  According to this article from the ABC, 1,800 camels were removed from the area around Wiluna last month.

Abe whistling while he works

To finish, we have a good, positive story from The Weekly Times about fox hunter Abe Andrews, who is working with Parks Victoria to control foxes in Plenty Gorge Park near Melbourne.  It’s a great example of the role recreational hunters can play in pest control, given that poisoning was unsafe in such a popular park and trapping foxes was costing Parks Victoria about $1000 a fox.






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