This week Channel 10 ran a story on keeping foxes as pets - and Shooters and Fishers Party MP Robert Borsak got some good air time.

Snap Shots: Foxes For Pets On The Project

Foxes as pets

There were foxes on Channel 10’s The Project this week – and not just Carrie Bickmore. They ran a piece on saving and rehoming fox cubs as pets. Fortunately, Shooters and Fishers Party MP Robert Borsak got some good airtime in which he pointed out what a ridiculous idea that is. The panel members seemed to agree!

Tassie farmers want commercial hunting of deer

In the Apple Isle, deer populations have reached a level that has prompted the peak farming body in that state to call for farmers to be allowed sell the meat from deer harvested on their properties. According to a report from the ABC, the Tasmanian Deer Advisory Committee has disagreed, arguing that recreational hunters were willing to participate in culling at no cost but are not getting access to the deer.

Feral cat pic wins photo comp

Next we have a piece from the ABC about how a photo of an aboriginal woman holding a dead feral cat has won a photographic competition held by the Invasive Animals CRC.  There are some other interesting photos at the bottom of the story but I have to note the irony. The Invasive Species mob are constantly denigrating the contribution that rec hunters make by shooting ferals with rifle…yet they’re fluffing around encouraging people to shoot them with cameras?

86-year-old ex-sniper still has it

We finish with this heart-warming YouTube clip about an ex-army sniper who was given the chance to fire modern day weaponry at a 1000-yard target.  He was nervous about his chances, but he proved beyond doubt that he still has what it takes…and wasn’t he pleased!


SSAA presents at Senate inquiry into gun violence

In the latest round of hearings of the Greens-initiated Senate Inquiry into gun violence, the National President of the SSAA finally got his chance to present eveidence.  He did a fine job, too.  Have a listen.




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