Greens senator Lee Rhiannon is down-playing graziers claims of a kangaroo plague in western Queensland, even though she hasn't been there.

Snap Shots: Greens deny Queensland ‘roo plague

Greens deny Queensland ‘roo plague

First up we have this article from the ABC in which Greens senator Lee Rhiannon dismisses graziers’ concerns that kangaroos have become a problem in Western Queensland, despite the fact she hasn’t bothered to go and have a look for herself. Thankfully LNP senator Barry O’Sullivan makes a lot more sense.

$500K trial to sterilise ‘roos

Speaking of the kangaroo problem, it doesn’t really matter anyway, because we’ll just administer them with contraceptives by firing a dart into them. That’s the hope of ACT Environment Minister Simon Corbell, who this week told the ABC about a new $500,000 trial to be conducted in collaboration with the Invasive Animal Co-operative Research Centre. It’s hard to see how anyone could see that as a good use of taxpayers’ money.

NSW Labor in bed with Greens

Ahead of the state election in New South Wales the Greens are busy doing preference deals with Labor. This article in the Sydney Morning Herald tells you where and why and provides food for thought for voters in that state. Folks, we really do need to make sure we get some Shooters and Fishers Party representatives elected into the Upper House.

Dog attacks trapper

Next we have this frightening piece from the Gatton Star about a wild dog trapper in Queensland who was attacked by a wild dog.  It’s a bizarre story but a good reminder to treat wild dogs with respect.

Vic duck season opens this Saturday

Finally, on the eve of the opening day of the Victorian duck hunting season, we have two reports from the Weekly Times about bird numbers from different parts of that state.  This one, from the northwest. Lake Murphy and Lake Elizabeth may be your best bests there.And this one, from Gippsland. By all accounts, Gippsland is the go to area for hunters searching out the birds in good numbers.  No matter where you go, good luck, have fun and be safe.  I might even see you out there!




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