South African Airways have overturned their ban on the carriage of hunting trophies (image: Adrian Pingston)..

Snap Shots: South African Airways overturns trophy transport ban

SAA overturn trophy transport ban

In a win for hunters, South African Airways has lifted its embargo on the carriage of particular hunting trophies. According to this article on the First For Hunters website, the ban was lifted after SAA consulted with the Department of Environmental Affairs. It makes you wonder why they, and other airlines, didn’t do that in the first place.

Jason Wood becomes the hunted

Speaking of someone who needs to consult with environmental agencies in Africa before opening his big mouth, here’s a piece from the Pakenham Gazette reporting that both the Shooters and Fishers Party and the Liberal Democrats plan to run candidates against Liberal Federal member for Latrobe, Jason Wood. Remember, he’s Greg Hunt’s little buddy and was behind the baseless decision to ban the importation of legally hunted lion trophies? We wish both parties all the best in turfing out this anti-hunting clown.

Experts explain the conservation benefits of hunting

To show how wrong Wood and Hunt are on this subject, here’s a thoughtful piece from the Ethics Centre website, written by two wildife experts, that explains how hunters are among the most capable, effectve and active champions of conservation in the world.  It’s well worth a read.

Greg Hunt declares “war” on cats: 2 million to be culled

This article from The Guardian reports how, back home in Australia, Environment Minister Greg Hunt has launched a so-called “war on fersl cats”, aiming to eliminate 2 million of them by 2020.  It’s certainly a welcome announcement and a noble aim, but I’d be interested to hear exactly how he plans to achieve this and whether recreational shooters have a role to play.  

Brigitte Bardot lambastes Hunt over cat cill plan

One person who’s not so pleased with Hunt’s feral cat cull plan is French actress Brigitte Bardot, as if it has anything to do with her.  According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Bardot has written an open letter to Hunt, stating that the cull equates to “animal genocide”. 






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