Banning guns to solve gun crime is like banning cameras to stop child pornography.

Snap Shots: The Mallard perspective

Garry Mallard’s blog, CHASA Duck Fever Night, The Growth of the tactical Beard, microstamping stops gun sales in California, Canada enjoys hunting resurgence

While We’re About Banning Stuff…

Hunting advocate Garry Mallard OAM has written a fabulous argument against The Greens’ constant demands for a ban on guns every time there’s a crime committed with one. His blog, that appears on The Hunter’s Stand, presents an analogy with the use of cameras for the abhorrent crime of child pornography. “I happen to think that child pornography is every bit as wicked and detestable as drive-by shootings and armed robbery,” he writes. “Some may not agree, but I think many would too. Some might say that kiddie porn doesn’t kill people like guns do, but how many suicides owe their motivation to the despair wrought by child exploitation? So if banning guns is the solution (albeit imperfect) to gun violence, surely banning digital cameras is the solution (albeit imperfect) to child pornography?” See the full blog, While We’re About Banning Stuff…


CHASA Duck Fever Night

The Conservation & Hunting Alliance South Australia is holding Duck Fever Night 2014 at the Latvian Hall in Clark Street, Wayville on Friday, Feb 7. There will be prizes, duck DVDs, raffles and a duck calling competition on the night that will see the official SA launch of Fowl Talkers duck hunting DVD. A good way to get together with other South Oz duck hunters.


The Growth of the tactical Beard

“There is little argument that humans instinctively relate a man’s beard to power, masculinity and other general bad-assery. From lumberjacks to world leaders to cutting-edge artists, the beard has floated between the realms of necessity and style, all the while reflecting a wide range of social characteristics including savagery, nobility, poverty, ruggedness, sophistication and panache.” So begins a blog on the rise of the beard and its place in the military, which is an interesting read for the hirsute among us. You can even join the Tactical Beard Owners Club with its 11,000 Facebook likes!


Microstamping stops gun sales in California

Smith & Wesson says a state law that requires them to add microstamping to its weapons will stop the gun manufacturer from selling their new semi-automatic handguns to California. Microstamping is the latest battleground in the national debate over gun control. The law requires guns to mark the bullet casings with a serial number imprinted in the firearm. Ruger is another gun maker claiming they won’t sell their semi-automatic handguns to The Golden State because of microstamping. Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer says microstamping gives law enforcement a new tool top fight crime, but some are saying it’s a thinly-veiled attack on Second Amendment rights. “I think it’s harassment – period,” said Emily Atkinson, who owns a gun shop in Orange. “They’re making it just impossible for the avid shooter, who just wants to go plink and have some fun, they’re making it impossible.” Read the full story here.


Canada enjoys hunting resurgence

Canadian media outlet, The Province is reporting after decades of decline, hunting is once again on the upswing in British Columbia. “With E. coli and packing-plant horror stories to contend with, urbanites who want to control what goes into their systems see hunting as a more direct link to their diet — grass-fed, humanely killed, hormone-free. Resident hunting licences peaked at 174,000 in 1981, but have rebounded in the last seven years from 85,000 in 2005 to 94,000 in 2012. Concerns over food safety, eating locally and being connected to the food we eat have fuelled the surge. The B.C. government is bullish on hunting, eliminating hunter-safety program requirements with a goal of at least 100,000 licensed hunters by 2014-15.” Read the full story here.




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