Social Media Posts are Landing Firearms Owners In Hot Water

Social media posts are landing more and more people in hot water as they share experiences where they are in breach of the law. From a firearms perspective, this is usually caused by people purely, not knowing the laws of their state and assuming what they read on the internet as gospel.

More often than not, the videos and photos are taken innocently, but this is not the way Police are treating the breaches.
There have been a more and more coming to my attention as the administrator of the Facebook page Hunting Australia.

Recently a member had his licence cancelled for posting a picture of his 10 year-old child holding a rifle. The photo was taken completely innocently. Nevertheless, his firearms licence was disqualified.

Another recent example saw Police contact a Facebook page member over a photograph he posted with his rifles on the back

of a ute with three boxes of beer in the background.

The Police asked the owner of the photo to attend the local station for questioning over the photo was reported.

After relentless questioning, he left the station with no charge; however, this is another example of how closely social media is watched and can incriminate.

The latest breach and one that has received much media attention involve NRL players Latrell Mitchell and Josh Addo-Carr who were both charged with firearms offences following the controversial weekend camp that they shared on Instagram.

NSW Police confirmed that the duo had been charged and will face court in August after Addo-Carr uploaded videos of him shooting a gun on social media.

Police will claim Mitchell gave a firearm to a person not authorised to use it, and he has now had his licence suspended and three guns seized by Police.

Firearm laws differ from state to state, so now, more than ever,would be a good time to brush up on what is and isn’t allowed. In most states, it is illegal for a non-licenced person to handle a firearm in any form. Different rules are in place with ranges but still vary state to state.




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