Tasmanian trophy fallow buck
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Tasmania’s $90 million boost from hunting and shooting

Recreational hunting and target shooting contributes nearly $90m to the Tasmanian economy each year, according to a recent report released by the state’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

The report, published last month, found the total economic contribution of recreational hunting and sports shooting in Tasmania for 2022 was estimated to be $88.4m.

Of that, $48m was in direct benefits and $40.4m in flow-on contributions. 

Additionally, shooting created 676 full-time equivalent jobs that year, with 438 as a direct connection and 238 as flow-on.

The study said there were an estimated 9760 people in Tasmania who held a game hunting licence and/or a target (sports) shooting firearm licence in 2022. 

Demographically, the report noted the most common Tasmanian hunter/shooter is male, over 50 years of age, working in a full-time job, with a Certificate III or IV-level education and earning between $65,000 and $156,000 per year. 

Unsurprisingly, the most important motivations for hunting and target shooting were listed as being to spend time outdoors, to get food for themselves, reduce pest animal populations, spend time with friends and family, and to relax and unwind.

It’s important to note the study only covered the expenditure on hunting and target shooting in Tasmania between 22 February 2022 and 15 March 2023, as well as the flow-on economic effects of that expenditure — it did not cover the economic impact or net benefit of shooting in the island state.

Primary Industries Minister Jo Palmer said the government had invested $50,000 in the study as part of an election commitment, and reiterated its commitment to recreational hunting.

“This study has been driven by our recreational hunting and sport shooting sector, and we thank everyone who completed the survey and those representatives who participated on the steering committee,” she said.

“Hunting and game management activities generate a range of economic benefits, and our government is committed to providing for a sustainable and regulated recreational hunting sector.”

A full copy of the report is available here.




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