The Animal Justice Party Propaganda Train Against Hunters

The Animal Justice Party spews out propaganda on a repeated and continual basis. However, this one takes the cake, displaying how hard they are trying to cancel the outdoor culture of Australia—pushing Aussies towards a plant-based diet free of hunting, fishing and farming.

The AJP disregard for the law, when their adherents are encouraged to pursue their delusional agendas with measures like invading poultry, pig and other farms, is far more dangerous than actions by any ethical hunter, firearms owner, fisherman or farmer.

Comparing hunters to “psychopaths” could be interpreted as slander, were it not for the parliamentary privilege this MP enjoys.

Pearson’s speech in its entirity appears transcribed below in italics.

“I’m happy to report to the house that hunting is in terminal decline in 2014; academics Finch and Mary estimated the number of recreational hunters in Australia at three hundred thousand, well down from nine hundred thousand in 2002”.

“Those who engage in this blood sport represent only one per cent of Australians and perhaps not coincidentally the same percentage of people with a psychopathic disorder found in the general population”.

“The trajectory of current statistics shows that within a generation, hunting will be perceived as a deviant activity. This is despite the best efforts of the hunting lobby to promote hunting as a noble endeavour. Indeed in the near future, the practice of wall mounting taxidermy heads may result in a police report and a search warrant to examine the contents of the basement”.

“In the modern world, where plant-based food is cheap, plentiful and easy to procure, why would anyone choose to hunt? The one-off cited reason is to commune with nature and enjoy the thrill of the chase, but that could be satisfied by snapping a photograph, not blasting the head off an animal”.

“Another discredited justification is environment protection but the Invasive Species Council have dismissed the argument that recreational hunters are conservationists. In 2002 study by Clifton and Flynn found that hunters were found to be more likely to engage in anti-social behaviour like property damage and more likely to harm animals, and I’m reminded of the words of the great poet sir William Blake quote each outcry of the hunted hair a fiber from the brian does tear”.

“The uncomfortable truth is stripped of all of the conflicting reasons for hunting; we are left with what he’s called the dart trier a trio of negative personality traits, narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy that are linked to the hunting of others, including animals”.

Trophy hunting is a classic example of narcissistic behaviour, in those with an inflated view of themselves and an obsession for self-promotion. Machiavellianism is the tendency to engage in manipulative exploitative behaviour and psychopathy concerns the inability to experience empathy or remorse.

“Social media has made it so much easier for the dark triad hunters to show off and boast the triumphs of extreme animal cruelty. I foresee a time when my crossbench colleagues will quietly drop the word shooter from the party name”.

“There will be no more big game hunting and no majestic bull elephants slaughtered for bragging rights for photo opportunities”.

His “statistics” on hunting participation appear to come from thin air, as they are not supportedby any Government actual statistics. Perhaps he has misread, to be charitable. The alternative explanation would lead us to be open to legal action.

The agenda is clear. We need to support the Parties that will not make deals with the AJP.

The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers rebutal from Mark Banasiak




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