Check out Sporting Shooter editor Marcus O'Dean's favourite YouTube videos for this week.

Vids Of The Week #27

The team at Sporting Shooter has been hard at it again, trawling through cyberspace to keep you up-to-date with the latest YouTube clips from the wonderful world if hunting and shooting.  Here’s a package of 5 of their favourites – grab a cuppa and take a look.

Yanks with guns

First up we have an recreational shooting event that has to be seen to be believed: The Big Sandy Shoot in Arizona. Anti-aircraft guns, heavy artillery, machine guns and other high calibre weapons are used to shoot all sorts of targets including model aeroplanes and explosive targets during both day and night. They even blow up the ashes of one of their mates!  “Let’s start shootin’!”


How To shoot awesomely

Next is another piece from Kirsten Joy Weiss. The clip has the same aesthetic qualities as Joy Weiss’ previous work, if you know what I mean, but this one also provides some useful information about how to shoot more accurately.  It’s all about trigger finger control – check it out.


Eva Shockey takes the fight to haters

After well known American huntress Eva Shockey copped a load of on-line hate for shooting a black bear, she struck back.  In an interview on Fox TV, Shockey presents her case well, making good points on behalf of all hunters while sticking true to her mantra of “Stay Classy”.


Ferret cam

Let’s stick a camera on a ferret’s head and send it down a hole. That probably sounded like a good idea at the time, but I think the producers of this Fieldsports Britain would agree it didn;t work out as wel as they might have hoped.  It’s still an enetertaining clip and well worth a look.


Let’s sit on a massive crocodile…

If you’re going to sit on a crocodile, you should measure it first.  That’s according to Rob Bredl, who says that the big ones are the best for playing with because they can’t touch their toes.  Why? I just don’t know.




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