Alex snapped a pic of these two pigs as they moved back into cover.

Billies For Boar Bait

Over the last month I have been out and about hunting feral goats for a property owners who would like them culled. Two good friends and I are happy to visit a couple times and together we have taken a total of 38 goats and have had some great hunts together with lots of prime meat in the freezer.

A side benfit was that there are plenty of goat carcases on the property, to be revisited later. I am confident there will be a pig or two to be found feeding on them in the near future

The weather has been hot and humid over the last few days after the goat hunts and I think it is time to go looking for a pig. Leaving the vehicle before dawn, I am out and about wearing my Ridgeline Buffalo camouflage clothing, and their very comfortable Apache boots, which do a top job keep me stealthy.

With my Buck Commander Black Gorge backpack on and the 308 rifle made safe and ready, I make my way towards the first goat carcasses. With a strong breeze at my front, the smell of the carcasses is soon strong in the air.

I am above the carcasses at a distance of around 200 yards and glass the area with the Steiner 8×30 Wildlife Pro binoculars. Two dark shapes are spotted moving slowly from the carcasses, heading to the higher back country that provides plenty of cover for any feral pigs.

The stalk begins! I negotiate some cattle without spooking, as to do so would alert the pigs that are on the move but stopping now and then to forage. Soon I am only 75 yards from them and have now verified they are both boars.

The brindle boar has stopped to feed and the brown boar is walking slowly. I am

tracking him in the scope now and it is when he stops that the 150 grain soft point from the 308 bolt action slams into his centre shoulder. He goes down hard and I can see he is done for.

I then verify the position of the other boar, which is on the run, and put the scope crosshairs slightly in front of his snout, then fire the 308. He also goes down hard but is up again, so another shot is sent into his vitals to finish him. The first boar is relocated and has not moved from where he was hit. Wow, what a top stalk and hunt!

A few photos are next, while the tusks are removed from the brown boar. Before I go, I check another goat carcase and see that it has also been visited by a pig or two: my next visit to this area will be as soon as possible.

Alex caught these two boars feeding on the carcase of a goat he had culled on a previous visit to the property.




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Alex Juris