A Tikka T3 Chassis Rifle in Eye-Catching Purple

GC Precision Developments

GC Precision Developments (GC) provide client-focused solutions for Military and Government, sports shooting and hunting, centering around superbly built alloy chassis bedded to your own barreled action or custom built from the ground up.

GC’s expertise in mechanical design, together with a passion for shooting and hunting will assure that form will follow function. Not only does GC strive for excellence in producing uniquely designed products that stand out, but their products are 100% practical and functional, giving not only the looks, but the service life and performance to back it up.

GC Precision T3 Chassis Rifle
GC Precision T3 Chassis Rifle

As one of the few licensed firearms manufacturers, importers and exporters in Australia, GC have the ability to manufacture and process controlled firearms components and assemblies. This extends to modification and customisation of clients’ equipment as well.

Haenel Jaeger 10 in GC chassis rifle format
Haenel Jaeger 10 in GC chassis rifle format

If you own a Tikka T3, Haenel Jaeger 10 or Remington M700 rifle, GC can turn your standard rifle into a tack-driving MSP Modular System chassis rifle which is lightweight and field ready, able to be brought to bear on hunting targets as well or better than the original, due to the superb ergonomic nature of the chassis styles fitted up to your rifles.

M700 GC Chassis Rifle in .338 Lapua Mag.
M700 GC Chassis Rifle in .338 Lapua Mag.

Their MSP Series Precision Rifles are designed to take precision rifle to a higher level. Building chassis rifles that combine excellent ergonomics, balance, light weight, these platforms produce spectacular accuracy and consistency. One client has reported accuracy levels down to 0.167 MoA for five shots. And they look great as well; check out their Colour Range.

A Tikka T3 Chassis Rifle in Eye-Catching Purple
A Tikka T3 Chassis Rifle in Eye-Catching Purple

GC’s in house design and manufacturing facility is extensive, coupled with an extensive network of Industry contacts providing the ability to prototype and manufacture stocked product lines, allowing a complete solution to your own projects of interest.

GC can provide initial design; low rate through to volume production, with this service only being limited by your imagination.

Go to GC’s Products Page to see their current lines or Contact GC Precision to arrange an initial consultation.

If you would like to investigate GC Precision products and performance more deeply, have a look at their Facebook page.

With new products coming on line all the time, GC’s range is constantly growing. Just before we went to print, GC’s Gareth Crook told me of a new chassis rifle in

GC Buttstock Frames
GC Buttstock Frames

.375 H&H, which was more than fulfilling all expectations.

GC MSP .375H&H
GC MSP .375H&H




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