.22 six round four inch group at 300 yards – Practising Long Range

Rifle: HCR Custom 22LR

Scope: Kahles 6-24X56i

Ammo: Lapua Center X

Distance: 300 yards

Wind: 8 mph

Come Up: 41 MOA

Wind adj: 6.5 MOA

“Long Range” shooting with a 22 Long Rifle Long range shooting continues to gain popularity but not everyone has access to 1000 yard plus ranges. Ammo cost, wear on barrels, and the cumulative effect of recoil can be draining for the most dedicated enthusiast’s budget and body.

A big part of the fun in long range shooting is figuring out how to read and correct for wind, position your body, control breathing, and master the trigger pull. Do your part with the right precision gear and 1000 yard plus targets are easily within your capabilities.

In this video, our friends Jim Spinella and Doug Pritchard place six rounds in a four inch group at 300 yards with a precision HCR Custom 22 Long Rifle. This was shot using subsonic Lapua Center X ammunition and a quality Kahles 6-24X56i scope.

Turret adjustments were very similar to those required for a 308 Win. at 1000 yards shooting 175 grain SMK ammunition! This is a great way to work on your shooting technique and wind judging skills at ranges that are much more accessible. No recoil, almost no noise, low ammo cost, and nearly infinite barrel life make this a very attractive way to enjoy pushing your shooting limits and honing your knowledge and skills.

The dimensions of this HCR 22 LR are nearly identical to our 6.5 Creedmoor and 308 Tactical Course Rifles. That means shooting this 22 replicates the experience of shooting these rifles. Rifle costs are also about the same as we use the same precision parts, processes, and HCR accuracy guarantee. But, even if you are not ready to spend that much on a 22, you can find one that at least shoots MOA without breaking the bank. Big or small, young or old, anyone can experience the thrill of long range shooting.




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