Ian’s first buck

Ian and I had been out to try to get onto a buck over thepast couple of months and we did get very close on a few occasions during andafter the rut, but no buck was taken on those outings.

It’s now the time of year when the bucks form their bachelorgroups and a week ago I photographed one in an area that I now take Ian to.

We try to avoid spooking the cattle and kangaroos in thearea. If the deer notice the movement of other animals, our hunt could be overbefore it starts.

We are both glassing likely looking areas and soon a smallgroup of does are located but we are looking for a buck. Moving on I glassanother area slightly below us and the Steiner 8×30 Wild Pro binoculars locatea bachelor group of fallow buck feeding.

The deer are a good 300 yards away but there is a large treeand we should be able to get closer using the terrain. The breeze is good andthe stalk begins.

Soon Ianand I are at the tree and are now 180 yards from the bucks, the squawkof birds has the bucks focused on our position but not sure what we are.

Ian has his Rugerrifle ready with the bipod providing a steady rest for precise sure shot, as I watchthrough the binoculars a buck is sent crashing the ground at the sound of theshot.

“Top shot, Ian,” I say.

We watch the buck for a few minutes, but he is finished and wemove slightly from the tree. The rest of the bucks around 50 yards further awaythat have probably been waiting for the fallen buck to join them after the shotwas fired now head off.

Once at the buck, congratulations are shared, a few arephotos taken, venison for the fridgefreezer and the antlers for a trophy.

A hunt to be well remembered by both of us in the years tofollow.




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Alex Juris