Liberal Democrats secretary and Senator-elect David Leyonhjelm with party president Peter Whelan.

The mother of all donkey votes a win for shooters

The Liberal Democrats kinda sounds like the Liberal Party orthe Democrats and that appears to be one of the main reasons the minority partyis now heading to the Senate after winning 8.3 per cent of the vote in NSW in Saturday’sfederal election.

Another reason is that they were number one on themetre-long Senate ballot paper and, well, who could really be bothered tryingto figure out all that nonsense when there are footy finals on, right?

The good news is that the Liberal Democrats are a friend ofshooters with its Senator-elect, David Leyonhjelm very much pro-gun.

After leaving the Liberals in protest over the sweeping gunlaw reforms following the Port Arthur massacre in what he described as a “disgracefulattack on law-abiding citizens”, he became a member of the Shooters Party.

Most recently he became part of the Liberal Democrats thatwas formed in 2001 and also put together the Outdoor Recreation Party (Stop TheGreens) and Smokers’ Rights Party for this election, using preferences betweenall of them to help boost the LD’s chances.

He has also publically stated that the Sandyhook Schoolmassacre could have been prevented if teachers there had guns and supports thepolicy of allowing the public to carry guns.

In an ABC radio interview, he said: “What happens isthat criminals don’t know who’s carrying a gun and they’re very wary of using agun themselves because they don’t know who’s going to shoot back at them.

“In actual fact it’s a massive deterrent. You don’tmake a safer society by taking the guns off the good guys and leaving the badguys to have the guns.”

The Liberal Democrats are supporters of pro sociallibertarianism, free market economy, gay marriage, euthanasia and smallgovernment, but will toe the Liberal Party line on all but its paid parentalleave scheme.

“We don’t think people who don’t have children shouldbe paying for people who do have children. So we would oppose that,” MrLeyonhjelm said.

More importantly, Mr Leyonhjelm is a voice for shooters inthe Senate after the Shooters and Fishers Party failed to win a seat at Federallevel, and will not support further restriction on law-abiding firearms owners.

“But there are two guiding principles that determineour approach to legislation – we would never vote for an increase in taxes andwe would never vote for a reduction in liberty,” he said.




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