Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition, July-August 2023

The Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition for July-August has closed and Tex Grant has won it with his scenic hunting photo. His efforts have earned him a Ridgeline Speed Stick Tripod valued at $159.95. The Speed Stick is a light, very portable shooting aid that will lift your field accuracy to another level; see details further down in this post. Check out our latest competition and get your photo in. Gotta be in it to win it!


Tex Grant says he’s new to hunting and we reckon he’d be addicted now after stalking goats in that magnificent countryside! He and two mates spend three days hunting it on foot.


Paul Elder Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition entry

“With pig numbers out of control and things starting to dry up I got the call from the property owner out Western NSW were I’ve had access for over 35years,” says Paul Elder. “The numbers are that thick it’s actually scary for property owners trying to make ends meet. I decided to hunt a particular spot at the back of the property where the thick tree line meets a crop. Getting the wind right and overlooking a well-used game trail, I knew I was in for an awesome afternoon sit. I heard pigs late in the arvo and they finally came into this spot. Sure enough, I glassed two solid boars that needed to be dispatched quickly. With the Tikka .308 and 150gn Core Lokts, it did just that. Two big, mature boars were down literally only 50 metres from my glassing position.” 


Paul Child entry in the Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition

“Where are you hiding, Mr Foxy?” wonders Paul Child. “I will find you!”


Andrew Collis entry in Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition

Andrew Collis and his son Phoenix spent some time hunting in the Meandarra/Flinton area of Queensland during the June-July holidays. “Phoenix hit up this fox with his .22,” says Andrew. “He is continuously learning about hunting. He helped me skin the tail and it is currently getting cured for him so he will have a fox tail to hang up in his room. The fox had quite a good, thick coat, which was a bonus.”


Ridgeline hunting photo competition by Gary Theiss

Gary Theiss had a chilly start to his day. “After the frost cleared up, I got in the ute to check fences,” he says. “Came across a small mob of billies. Net result — three down in two minutes. The third broke a horn and was a solid lump — a bit much to drag over to the others. Even though it’s only 10 degrees, it’s a cracker of a day.”


Ridgeline hunting photo competition by Ben Pomroy

“After moving interstate about 10 years ago I gave up shooting as I had nowhere to hunt and didn’t want to be that person always asking,” Ben Pomroy says. “Having recently moved out of town, I jumped at the opportunity to get a new .22LR and have started putting food on the table again. This is my first hare taken with the new rifle after sighting it in. Couldn’t be happier!”

Ridgeline Clothing



Ridgeline Speed Stick tripod

Ridgeline Speed Stick Tripod worth $159.95!

The Ridgeline shooting speed stick provides fast, rock-solid stability for accurate shooting from a wide range of shooting positions on any terrain. The speed stick is lightweight and can be adjusted from 1m to 1.65m with a simple push of the trigger. The legs are stronger, lighter 7075 aluminium for easy carry and takedown. The  strong  rubber V-yoke rotates 360°  to secure your firearm quietly at any angle without scuffing firearm finishes. It has a removable half arc yoke, fits 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threaded fixtures for securing optical gear: perfect for cameras, spotting scopes, binoculars, laser range finders and almost any other mountable device.  


Terms and conditions: Simply email your hunting image to the editor along with a brief description of what it’s about. The editor will select the winning image from all those submitted, based on quality and content; the editor’s decision is final. This competition is open to Australian residents with a postal address. All entrants must provide their details (full name and postal address). Your information will only be used by the promoter, Yaffa Media; and by Ridgeline Australia for the purpose of sending out prizes. Yaffa Media Privacy Policy.

By entering, you agree that your photos may be used on this competition page, on Yaffa and Ridgeline social media, in Sporting Shooter editorial pages and posts and for other purposes related to the promotion of the competition.

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