Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition, September-October 2022

Peter Christian is the winner of the Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition for September-October 2022, for his rare, hard-earned photo of a sambar stag in its bed. Peter has won a brilliant Ridgeline 4k trail camera valued at almost $200! You too can win by entering our current Ridgeline photo competition. Check out the photos below to see what others have submitted.

WINNER: Bedded sambar stag

Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition

Peter Christian kept his description simple: “Close encounter with a sambar stag in his bed.” That’s close indeed and an excellent stalking job, Peter! Must have been a real thrill.

A tom bombed

Paul Child Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition

“One less well-fed native killer,” says Paul Child, who stopped this tom cat with a 55gn Z-Max near Inverell, NSW.

Meat goat

SHannon Nicholson - Ridgeline hunting photo competition

Shannon Nicholson headed out to Warialda in NSW and shot this tasty-looking young goat for meat.

Mother lode

Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition

Tom Turner’s boys, Jeddiah and Ellijah, were out with the dogs on the quad and pulled up this huge old sow. The sow dwarfed the great dane cross named Prince, and she flicked him off on his first attempt. Prince bales her, though, and the boys called Tom to bring the rifle up — except they didn’t warn him big she was! Tom only brought the .22 and wished he’d loaded up something bigger. Nevertheless, the .22 made short work of the big girl at very close range with a single head shot. When it came time to weigh her the scales pumped out at 159kg. Hanging up, she measured a bit over 2m from head to toe. They knew she was carrying a full litter inside her; all the rain they’ve had make perfect conditions for these ferals. Now imagine the size of her boar of a boyfriend!

The sleepy red fox

Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition - Anton Van Bysterveld

“The wife and I had a few days in the bush recently and we happened to see a fox,” says Anton Van Bysterveld. “It looked a bit tired so I gave it a 90-grain Accubond sleeping pill. Great medicine and we think the fox is still sleeping today.”

Boar rolling

RIdgeline Hunting Photo Competition - David Papworth

David Papworth rolled this big boar with his Tikka .308 on a long-weekend hunt out near Bourke. Nice shot to the base of the neck, David!

Happy as a pig in mud

Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition

Paul Ball nailed this dirty wallow boar. “I caught him coming out of a muddy pool of mud in a timberline,” says Paul. “At least he had his last moment to contemplate the old saying, happy as a pig in mud!”

Gulf stream

Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition

Brian Short has made a number of hunting trips up into the Gulf of Carpentaria. The gallery above has a few of the best pics, summing up some of the great moments he’s experienced. Check it out; the details are in the captions.

Stalking close!

Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition
Rain has meant not a lot of hunting going on for me,” says Gary Theiss, “but I did get a really nice stalk in on the weekend while out checking the fences on my block. Most favourable conditions allowed me to get REAL close to a mob of goats. And that while wearing red reflective-lens sunnies and dark clothing. What a blast! Anyway, here’s a few screen shots from the video.” Top stuff, Gary!

Ridgeline Clothing


Win a Ridgeline 4k trail camera

Ridgeline 4k Trail Camera worth $199.95!

The 4K Ridgeline Trail Camera is a great addition to your outdoor activities. Packed full of high performing features such as fast trigger time, 4K resolution and a long night-time range. Easy to read and navigate through its 2” LCD screen, all housed in a compact and discreet shell.

The camera is activated by a PIR sensor and uses a low-glow flash, a great combination between stealth and distance at night-time. It produces high-quality images up to 24MP resolution and video up to 4K resolution.

The long night vision range of 20 metres with 36pcs IR LED paired with a fast trigger time of 0.4 seconds means nothing will get past, even in the dead of night.

It operates on 8 x AA batteries (not included) allowing up to 8 months standby and over 30k photos in the daytime. It’s compatible with SD cards up to 128GB  (not included). Water protection class IP66. Size approx. 135x83x52mm. 1 year warranty.


Terms and conditions: Simply email your hunting image to the editor along with a brief description of what it’s about. The editor will select the winning image from all those submitted, based on quality and content; the editor’s decision is final. This competition is open to Australian residents with a postal address. All entrants must provide their details (full name and postal address). Your information will only be used by the promoter Yaffa Media. Yaffa Media Privacy Policy.

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