Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition, May-June 2023

The Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition for May-June is open! Send in one of your favourite hunting photos and you could win a Ridgeline Trail Cam valued at $199.95, one of the handiest hunting tools you can get; see details further down in this post, along with information about how to enter. Gotta be in it to win it!


Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition by Graham Pinning
Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition by Graham Pinning

“A sheep grazier had foxes chasing lambs so we took the thermal and whistle out for a walk,” Graham Pine reports. “Spotted a fox in the grass hiding from the icy wind gusts but he couldn’t resist the Tenterfield whistle. He ran straight for us with the intention of a quick meal but was met with the Ruger Precision. A nice before photo from the property owner and after photo from me.”

Graham has won himself a Ridgeline trail cam for these two great photos. He’ll be able to put it to good use against more of those foxes!


“My mate, Jack, took this sow just now,” Gary Theiss says. “He doesn’t like being in photos.” He doesn’t look too unhappy about getting that porker, though! Gary tells us it ended up as meat for the dogs.  


Paul Elder Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition
Paul Elder Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition

Mate, check out this absolute beauty, a genuine free-ranging red stag from the Central West of NSW. “The 2023 rut/roar was a lifetime dream for me this year,” says Paul Elder. “Hunting my usual private property access, I heard the reds and fallow at full tilt, roaring and croaking! One particular morning I heard a red stag going off, roaring hard for two hours straight. By the time I finally got into that area I could hear him but couldn’t lay eyes on him, so I decided to give him a few hind calls and sure enough he was suddenly 10 metres from me. The Tikka .308 made short work of him and to say I was speechless was an understatement. I couldn’t believe how big this mature stag was and carrying beautiful 9×8 headgear! Still can’t believe I finally shot a big free-range 17 pointer.”


David Papworth only managed to get out once during this year’s rut but that didn’t stop him taking this nice white fallow buck. “I was happy with one,” he says.


This is Patrick Leigh with his first sambar, taken with his Sako .308 using a 180gn Core-Lokt bullet. “It went in straight behind the shoulder and formed a perfect mushroom,” Patrick says. Perfect!


“Walked out the cabin door to see I had visitors,” Gary Theiss says. Self-delivering dinner, perhaps?


“Not long after arriving at camp, the boys were off exploring and came across this fella foraging on the side of the hill,” says Nathan Pringle. “They quickly came back to camp all excited, saying, ‘Quick get the gun, there’s a big pig on the hill’. Unsure of what to expect, we grab a rifle and headed for a look. Sure enough, the boys were right. He was quickly despatched using 140g slug in the 6.5 Creedmoor. A great start to the weekend.”

Ridgeline Clothing



Win a Ridgeline 4k trail camera

Ridgeline 4k Trail Camera worth $199.95!

The 4K Ridgeline Trail Camera is a great addition to your outdoor activities. Packed full of high-performing features such as fast trigger time, 4K resolution and a long night-time range. Easy to read and navigate through its 2” LCD screen, all housed in a compact and discreet shell.

The camera is activated by a PIR sensor and uses a low-glow flash, a great combination between stealth and distance at night-time. It produces high-quality images up to 24MP resolution and video up to 4K resolution.

The long night vision range of 20 metres with 36pcs IR LED paired with a fast trigger time of 0.4 seconds means nothing will get past, even in the dead of night.

It operates on 8 x AA batteries (not included) allowing up to 8 months standby and over 30k photos in the daytime. It’s compatible with SD cards up to 128GB  (not included). Water protection class IP66. Size approx. 135x83x52mm. 1 year warranty.


Terms and conditions: Simply email your hunting image to the editor along with a brief description of what it’s about. The editor will select the winning image from all those submitted, based on quality and content; the editor’s decision is final. This competition is open to Australian residents with a postal address. All entrants must provide their details (full name and postal address). Your information will only be used by the promoter, Yaffa Media; and by Ridgeline Australia for the purpose of sending out prizes. Yaffa Media Privacy Policy.

By entering, you agree that your photos may be used on this competition page, on Yaffa and Ridgeline social media, in Sporting Shooter editorial pages and posts and for other purposes related to the promotion of the competition.

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