Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition, March-April 2023

The March-April Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition is open! Send in one of your favourite hunting photos and you could win a set of Ridgeline 10×42 binoculars valued at $299.95, an essential companion for every hunter; see details further down in this post. Check out the photos below to see what others have submitted, and find out how to enter at the bottom of the post. Gotta be in it to win it.

WINNER: Father-in-law’s fox

Despite some awesome boars, big tallies and interesting photos, we couldn’t go past the evocative look of Altay Demirtel’s top-quality photo of a morning fox hunt. Congratulations, Altay!

“This is my father-in-law lining up a fox only a hundred yards away, out on a property in Lancefield, Victoria,” Altay Demirtel says. “The back story is that he only recently got into hunting after I encouraged him to try it out and now he is kicking himself that he didn’t get into the sport earlier.”

80 pigs down and counting!

David Papworth photo for the Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition
David Papworth photo for the Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition

David Papworth had a great hunt over the Easter weekend and sent in these two photos, one showing Blake and Alex overlooking their handiwork and the other with three of the porkers David knocked over. “We rolled 82 for the trip,” he says!

Red deer country

“This was a new property in NSW red deer country, our first time walking the ridgeline in hopes of spotting an ever elusive deer,” says Graham Pine. “We moved into position waiting for the fog to burn off, but no deer this time. Or was it because we didn’t have the best optics…” It’s never easy in the fog, is it?

New Year’s monster

“This year started off with a bang for me,” says Paul Elder. “Went out to my usual pig-hunting property out western NSW. With the amazing past few years, the pig numbers have exploded and I knew there were a lot around. It was New Year’s Day and the temperature was around 42 degrees. The only place I wanted to hunt was a very secluded dam right out the back of the property. I got to within 300 metres then slowly crept in and, getting the wind right, I could hear pigs all over the dam. To my surprise there were at least 80 pigs already in the dam! All of a sudden I noticed this massive boar on top of the bank, walking into the dam. I got a good rest on a tree and squeezed off my Tikka .308. The 150gn Core Lokt did the job, knocking this brute off his feet. I couldn’t believe how big this old bruiser was. I’ve hunted this particular property for 35 years and this is the biggest-bodied boar I’ve shot here!”

I spy with my little eye…

“Finally got out to my place for a wander about,” says Gary Thiess. “Had my pup with me and she is shy of the sound of firearms, so it was stalking and photos. This pic was taken across an open gully, 60-70m distance.”

Flushed pig

Jackson Ball shot this good, solid boar in the heavy timber behind him. “He was sleeping, jumped out in front of me, and I had to wait about 2-4 seconds before an opportunity for a shot,” Jackson says. “Hit him in the back leg, which slowed him down, then another to put him down. Love the adrenaline rush when good pigs are flushed out like that!”

Too close for comfort!

“Dropped this solid boar just as it ran under the barb-wire fence from a dam enclosure,” Paul Ball says. “My mate John had gone inside the dam area to check out the long grassy spot underneath a tree on the water’s edge. The boar fled for his life from 2m away from John, who yelled out, ‘Pig!’ but was unable to shoot (too busy changing his undies and I was in his line). I could only see the long grass moving, so waited for the boar to come through the fence. Great excitement for both of us!”

A lesson in persistence

Paul and Jackson Ball were out together with mate John, sweeping the timber on their last walk of the hunting trip. Jack had flushed this boar out from his sleeping spot but it took off and got away. Paul picks up the story: “He and John radioed, saying, well, that’s it for the trip. I radioed and said no, we’ll keep walking along. The pig would slow down after 200m as it was hot and Jack had not fired at him. Luckily, Jack spotted him under a little tree a bit further on. The boar stood up and Jack shot before it ran away. Nice last-morning excitement for us. This was number 23 for the trip!”

The rainforest hog

“For me this is what hunting is all about.” Scott McCahon says. “My son Tom and I noticed some dug-up ground on our property and then spent the next two evenings sitting and waiting. Eventually he appeared from the rainforest and Tom was able to dispatch him with two shots with his .223 after a short but hectic chase through the rainforest, eventually catching up to him in the creek. The finishing shot was from approximately 1.5 metres. A memorable hunt that I look back on fondly.”

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Terms and conditions: Simply email your hunting image to the editor along with a brief description of what it’s about. The editor will select the winning image from all those submitted, based on quality and content; the editor’s decision is final. This competition is open to Australian residents with a postal address. All entrants must provide their details (full name and postal address). Your information will only be used by the promoter Yaffa Media. Yaffa Media Privacy Policy.

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