Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition, November-December 2022

The November-December Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition is open! Send in one of your favourite hunting photos and you could win a Ridgeline Gun Vice valued at $129.95, the perfect gunsmithing platform for your workshop; see details further down in this post. Check out the photos below to see what others have submitted, and find out how to enter at the bottom of the post. Gotta be in it to win it.

Sow downed

Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition

Paul Ball dropped this old sow as she came into the timber from an open paddock with high grass. “Assume she may have slept in the open field in the long grass and was on her way to a trough for a drink,” says Paul. “Waited till she was about 30m away. Easy job for my Fiocchi ammo. Another feral disposed of for the owner!”

Christmas pigs

Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition
Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition

“Thought I’d better send a photo for the Ridgeline comp, just in case we can win a free Christmas present,” says Anton Van Bysterveld. “My wife and I have had a pretty good year filling our freezer again with beaut free-range meat. Can’t get any better than that. Have a great Christmas and we look forward to next year to continue our hunting sojourns.”

With the good ol’ .30-30

David Papworth ridgeline Hunting Competition

David Papworth rolled this hog with good ol’ .30-30. I don’t think a lever-action .30-30 will ever go out fashion.

The pig of fortune

Bryce Morden Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition

Bryce Morden sent this shot of Robbie Morden with his first boar after a 1500km drive and 3 days looking for pigs. “There were a few missed opportunities early in the hunt and the situation looked like we might not make good as we started our last night with the light,” says Bryce. “This unit walked out of some low scrub beside the farm track and turned the tide of fortune. The Browning .223 Rem was up for an easy shot at 40m and with confidence buoyed, we managed a few more for the night before the 1500km drive back south the next day.”

First sambar stag

John Hooper Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition

“Shot my first decent sambar at the start of the year,” says John Hooper. “It was a 300m cross-gully shot with my new .300 Win Mag. The big fella ran about 200m uphill before piling up.” He’s a good’n, John. We bet that hunt felt great!

Ridgeline Clothing



Ridgeline Gun Vice

Ridgeline Gun Vice worth $129.95!

An all-in-on gunsmithing station that light, strong and perfect for home use! The main body of the Ridgeline Gun Vice is a single piece, ensuring very strong construction and ultimate security for your firearms while you clean them or work on them. 

All surfaces that touch your gun are soft rubber, including on the padded stock clamp.

Made from lightweight, rigid and solvent-resistant polymer, this gun vice will last!

Ridgeline Gun Vice


Terms and conditions: Simply email your hunting image to the editor along with a brief description of what it’s about. The editor will select the winning image from all those submitted, based on quality and content; the editor’s decision is final. This competition is open to Australian residents with a postal address. All entrants must provide their details (full name and postal address). Your information will only be used by the promoter Yaffa Media. Yaffa Media Privacy Policy.

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