Pete Hayes, dog Hades and 78kg boar out near Roma QLD

November-December 21 Ridgeline Hunting Photo Competition

Gary Hall is like “a train without a station”.That was a term which once described 80s Australian Rugby Captain, Mark Loane, a lock who fitted it aptly. Just think of the opposing inside backs being the pigs and Gary Hall being Loane. Here, for your pleasure is an amazing action-packed image which is one of a series, one of which may grace the cover of Sporting Shooter magazine soon.

This being the last E-Newsletter before the break, we at wish you and all our readers and contributors a happy, peaceful and enjoyable Christmas where you can reconnect with family and friends after a challenging and no doubt emotion-filled two years.

Gary Hall and dishlickers get amongst it.
Gary Hall and dishlickers get amongst it.

Just a note! If you email in an image for this or any other comp with us, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS or you will not qualify for a prize. We have to send it somewhere!!!

We have maintained the prize lineup courtesy of Ridgeline, with a new knife and the Ridgeline Tru-Shot Backpack and the good old Ridgeline Haul All Bumbag and Meatsafe, which I regularly use in the field. It has proven most satisfactory, durable and a great expedient field rest due to its design.


Now photographers PLEASE, if you facebook me an entry, please follow up with an email, maybe with the picture attached, but definitely with your mail address details, so that we can send you a great Ridgeline prize if you win. It saves me and my addled brain having to follow you up. Send to

Ridgeline’s Tru-Shot 25 Litre Backpack.This pack is 25 litres of convenience especially designed with the day trip in mind. Features include comfortable shoulder & waist straps with ammo loops in the belt pockets, hydro clips for a bladder (sold separately) plus a lightweight moulded foam rest to get that perfect steady shot from a long distance. All supported on a super ventilated frame & added safety benefit of a removable blaze rain cover so you can find your pack, keep it dry and make sure you’re visible on your trek out of the bush.

Ridgeline 4.5-inch Linerlock Folder. A utilitarian, rugged folder, whose drop-point, false top edge design will skin and butcher the largest animal. The thumbhole oval cut-out allows easy one-handed blade deployment and the alloy black scales and titanium-grey finished blade allow easy cleanup and corrosion resistance. A pocket clip on the back scale is a thoughtful addition.

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